goals, functions, indicators and types

“Goals describe aspired states in the future.”   Functions and purposes   Leadership goals intend to create as much agreement as possible on the things to be achieved in the future.   1.    Goals therefore have a communicatory function (the supervisor and the co-worker have the same pictures and ideas in mind about future results […]


  Preparatory questions for staff with management responsibility     Eight W-rules for delegation:     1. What needs to be done (content)?           What are the individual tasks to be achieved?          What is the desired result?           What are acceptable differences from the desired result?           What difficulties can be expected?    […]

basic agreement

A shared understanding of the basic tasks, responsibilities and decision-making authority is the basis of any organised work and the stabilising foundation of any cooperation. Because they form the basis of our basic understanding of our work, deficiencies in the basic agreement almost always lead to injuries on the relationship level and of course to […]

conflict levels

Developed by Ulrich Grannemann   There are three main types of conflict:   1.   Factual conflicts   The first level is the so-called factual, content or informational conflicts. Here, there are differences in the view of the world or of reality. There are differences in the scope, depth or even type of information about particular […]

accusation and wishes

A pearl of a sentence:     The "basic hardware" of a conflict – whether it is of a professional or private nature – includes those involved making accusations of each other. However, not least thanks to their very structure, accusations are not a suitable way to cause the other person to change his behaviour.   […]

communications in work prozesses – SUZIBEKUFF

  Developed by Ulrich Grannemann   Communication in work processes can also be described as production of cognitions. Whether we are talking about conversations, meetings, workshops or entire projects the objective is always the creation of an intellectual product. The basic circle or rough structure of the communication can be described as Input – decision […]

leadership pyramid

  Ulrich Grannemann     Leadership pyramid   How can leadership activities and tasks the sensibly sorted? The purpose of the leadership pyramid is to help with orientation for the breadth and complexity of the tasks and to assist with identifying any neglected leadership areas.   Leadership activities can be divided into 4 levels:   […]