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Leadion - More than 1500 pages of leadership knowledge and know-how.

More than 1500 pages of leadership knowledge and know-how.
And now we are starting to build up the English version. Have a look at the already available articles.

1. All about Leadership:

Literature, links, checklists, questionnaires, stories

2. Leadership basics:

Definitions, basic templates, leadership systems and typologies

3. Leadership personality:

Identity and roles, personal development and coaching

4. Leadership skills:

Communication, facilitation, feedback, presentation

5. Leadership tasks:

Goal setting and agreements, delegation, motivation and development of staff

6. Leadership and Management:

Tools, templates, instruments, management of change and projects

Courses, trainings, workshops, coaching, and more.

Leadership Training Program

Training of skills for successful leadership in modern organisations with the typical mix of line, staff, project and matrix structures.
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Trainer Team


Our clients and partners in the continuous development and improvement of our products and services
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We will be happy to answer your questions, suggestions and requests
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Leadership Company

Leadion is the specialist for customised trainings, consulting and coaching for leaders of all hierarchical levels.

Based on the unique Leadion Leadership Square that structures and combines the 16 major leadership tasks and responsibilities to a compact and transferable common understanding and philosophy of leadership in daily practice we deliver customised training and coaching to the attendants that set the priorities of the issues to be focussed on.  

Leadership-Training and Consulting

Every training and workshop is highly adaptable to the needs of the participants and companies and offers a specific combination of individual leadership development and structured leadership training. We learn from our clients and continuously improve and develop our contents, methodology, tools and exercises to meet the actual clients’ demands.