situational leadership

Leadership Style area


Leadership means influencing others to achieve objectives. The choice of the most adecuate leadership style to apply depends on
  • The actual situation
  • The individual qualification and state of readiness of the followers (see next table).

Which is the adecuate leadership style for the state of readiness?
State of readiness
Adecuate leadership style
Unable and unwilling
Or insecure
Style Telling: Structure and supervise closely
¨       Give specific instructions
¨       Offer training
¨       Tell and explain how things are to be done
¨       Set goals
¨       Structure and guide
¨       Acknowledge successes
Unable but willing or confident
Style selling: Train and persuade
¨       Selling and persuading
¨       Teaching and training
¨       Explaining and convincing
¨       Coaching and mentoring
Able but unwilling or insecure
Participating style: Support, encourage and empower
¨       Support to find the own solution
¨       Encourage and empower
¨       Offer help in problem-solving
¨       Facilitate
¨       Enhance committment
Able and willing and confident
Delegating Style: Delegating, tracking, entrusting
¨       Geledgate tasks, responsibilities and empower
¨       Give suport only when needed
¨       Check the results
¨       Observe
¨       Let them do their thing
¨       Set the frame
¨       Keep troubles away
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