Logical levels

1. Basic feelings

Gregory Bateson indicated that natural hierarchies of classification exist in any process of learning, change or communication. The function of each individual level is to organise the information from the levels below and the rules of change on this level are different from the rules of change on the level below. A change on the level below can, but need not necessarily, have an effect on the level above but change on the upper level will necessarily change the lower level in order to support the change in the upper level. Bateson noted that confusion between the logical levels frequently leads to problems.

1. Identity

This is my basic self-image, my deepest central values and my task or mission in life.

 2. Belief system and values

These are the various principal ideas which we believe to be true and use as the basis for our day-to-day actions. Beliefs and values may contain entitlements as well as limitations.

 3. Capabilities

        This is the group or class of behaviours, general skills and strategies which we use in our lives.

 4. Behaviour

        These are the concrete actions which we carry out, independently of our capabilities.

 5. Context

        This is everything to which we react, our environment and other people.

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