goals and agreement

 A goal is a necessary, striven for, and/or desired state

a)       that should be adhered to (especially related to routine work and standard
b)       that should be reached at a determined point of time.
Advantages of agreements on goals
·       All persons involved know the necessity and the purpose of the goal.
·       Contradictory goals can be discovered at an early stage of the process and discussion and resolution of the contradictions increase the acceptance of the goals by the co-workers
·       All persons involved participate in defining the goals so that their objections can be taken into consideration.
·       As the co-workers are involved in the goal-setting process, they are strongly motivated to achieve the goals.
·       Due to their involvement in the goal-setting process, the co-workers know the key factors
for success, so they can adapt their work to the changing conditions more easily.
·       Highly motivated co-workers often set their goals higher than supervisors expect from
“average” employees.
Relevant questions for agreements on goals
·       How important are these goals and tasks for the company and why?
·       Why do you as a supervisor think that this specific co-worker is the right person for this goal and for this task?
·       Do these goals and tasks really make sense to the co-workers, so that they accept them better?
·       Which advantages and disadvantages does the co-worker see for himself
if the goals are achieved?
·       Which advantages and disadvantages do I see as a supervisor with regard to this agreement on goals?
·       Which advantages and disadvantages do others see with regard to this agreement on goals?
·       Which of the co-worker’s career plans are to be taken into consideration?
·       How mobile and flexible does the co-worker consider himself?


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