leadership authorities

As a manager, what am I responsible for and what am I not responsible for? In an upwards direction, management requirements are open. We only need to think of the leadership fields of motivation and coaching. But where does duty come alongside free will, for what can I be made responsible? Or seen from another point of view: what is the "contractual" basis for my job?

Starting point is the three leadership authorities:
Line authority
Functional authority
Staff authority
The basic "T.R.D." agreement arises from institutional authority
The ideal may be the concurrence of line, functional and staff authority, but naturally this does not always happen.
(Leadership comes from humility)
A high level of professional knowledge and understanding makes it easier to reach the required judgements and decisions. Even if increasing delegation increasingly leads to a situation where staff have more knowledge and experience than their superiors
Arises from criteria such as credibility, reliability and dependability and trust in the management. Unity of words and action (walk the talk), personal maturity but also charisma through clarity of objectives and commitment are named as important points.
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