In order to cope with the large number of tasks in a working day, the first step must be to put these into some kind of order. Eisenhower’s matrix is an extremely effective technique for this. The tasks are sorted by two criteria, "importance" and "urgency".




According to this, there are four groups of tasks:


A tasks:             These tasks are of the greatest importance and very urgent.

                         You should complete these tasks immediately yourself.


B tasks:           These tasks are very important, but do not have to be completed                         urgently. To complete these tasks, divide them into easy-to-handle                          sections and draw up a schedule.


C tasks:             These tasks are very urgent, but not important.

                         They should therefore be delegated.


Recycle bin:       Tasks which are neither important nor urgent should be thrown into  the "recycle bin" rather than worrying about storing them forever under "filing".



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