Meeting Preparation

Questions on meeting preparation

What is the reason for the meeting? What advance information do I have?

  • Is it about facts? What have I noticed myself?
  • Is the information first or second hand? Can it be used?
  • What information is based on assumptions?

Which role am I acting in?

  • Is this part of my role?
  • What is my task? What am I responsible for? What am I not?
  • Am I actually the right person?

What is my goal for the meeting?

  • What happens if I don’t achieve it? Scenarios?
  • Possibilities for abandonment and rescheduling?
  • To be achieved by when?

What is fixed? What can be discussed? How do I think the meeting will go (imagination)?

  • What is likely?
  • What is the worst case scenario?
  • What would pleasantly surprise me? What would be ideal?

Questions on the type of meeting

  • What previous experience do I have with the other person?
  • Is he a particular type of person?
  • What am I expecting to provide distractions from the meeting?

Questions on the meeting conditions

  • What introductory and explanatory words do I need to give on the role, task and intentions?

Should I get the go-ahead before the meeting? (feedback, criticism, openness, personal issues)

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