advising, supporting and developing staff


A major task for any manager is the support of their staff.
One thing which has an effect here is professional development since staff members have tasks which they must work on appropriate to their knowledge and skills and which at the same time constantly enable them to learn new things:
"Job enlargement" quantitatively expands the scope of activities and gives the staff an insight into various areas of activity and responsibility.
"Job enrichment" qualitatively expands the scope of activities in the sense that staff members are given increasing responsibility and decision-making freedom for appropriately complex content and projects.
Alongside professional development the manager also promotes the personal
development of his staff. They are recognised as holders of knowledge and are thus supported in their feeling of self-confidence. Increasing independence in the fulfilment of tasks as well as working in project groups and teams encourages social skills in dealing with other people, thus enabling personal growth. Recognition and constructive criticism give the staff members a way of judging the quality of their work and indicate concrete starting points for optimising their resources.
At the same time as any changes to specifications, forms of off the job training are also required which, primarily in the area of behaviour, give the member of staff incentives for
forming (communicative) relationships.
In addition, the manager also has a counselling and clarification role in cases in which career plans must be thoroughly discussed or the staff member’s performance is limited.
Professional and personal development are thus the basic building blocks of

modern staff development.

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