conflict levels

Developed by Ulrich Grannemann
There are three main types of conflict:
1.   Factual conflicts
The first level is the so-called factual, content or informational conflicts. Here, there are differences in the view of the world or of reality. There are differences in the scope, depth or even type of information about particular things.
Solution: Comparison and exchange of information
2.   Relationship conflicts
Relationship conflicts are associated with injuries at a personal level. Their character, which is often highly emotional, prevents objective communication in many cases.
Their origin is in differing concepts of the type of relationship to one another (super/subordination).
Solution: Healing, forgiveness and reconciliation
3.   Value conflicts
Value conflicts result from differing points of view regarding the significance and importance of certain things. They result from the differences between individual value hierarchies which cannot be changed. A change would be comparable to brain-washing.
Solution: Toleration and integration
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