Preparatory questions for staff with management responsibility
Eight W-rules for delegation:
1. What needs to be done (content)?
  •         What are the individual tasks to be achieved? 
  •         What is the desired result? 
  •          What are acceptable differences from the desired result? 
  •          What difficulties can be expected? 
2. Who is to do it (person)?
  •         Who is most suitable for carrying out these tasks or actions? 
  •         Who should help with carrying them out?
3. Why should he do it (motivation, objective)?
  •         What is the point of the task or action? 
  •         What will happen if the work is not completed or only partially completed?
4. How should he do it (scope, details)?
  •         What should be the procedure in carrying out the work? 
  •         What process should be used? 
  •         What rules and regulations should be observed in particular? 
  •         Which posts, departments need to be informed? 

5. What should be used to do it (materials)?
  •         Which people are available to him? (money, organisational materials, staff members etc) 
  •         Which aids should be used? 
  •         What equipment does the member of staff require? 
  •         What paperwork is required?
6. When should it be completed by (intermediate and final deadlines)?
  •         When should/must the work start? 
  •         When should/must the work be finished? 
  •         What intermediate deadlines/outputs must be adhered to? 
  •         When will by I be informed about the progress of the task by the staff member? 
  •         What do I have to check and when in order to intervene if required?
7. What are the possible objections by the member of staff to the delegation of this task?
  •         Which personal benefits/advantages would he be putting at risk? 
  •         What is his estimation of any possible gain in benefit?
8. What are your own possible objections against successful delegation to the member of staff?


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