motivation as an incentive formula


Motivation      =           Value            x      Probability
Motivation for an action as an incentive to invest time, commitment, money or other resources
Subjective value:
How important is something to me/the member of staff?
Subjective evaluation
of the probability that the value will be satisfied by the action.
Related terms:
Motives, drivers, criteria
Subjective probability is formed by expectations and experiences
Examples of extrinsic values/motivators:
  • Power/influence
  • Recognition/praise
  • Access/belonging/climate
  • Status in society
  • Career/promotion
  • Money/financial advantages
  • Competition/being better
Evaluation of one’s own capacities, feeling of self-worth
(learnt helplessness as a feeling of powerlessness)
Examples of intrinsic values/motivators:
  • Success
  • Duty/dependability
  • Change/formation
  • Challenge/variety/activity
  • Growth/development
  • Contacts/social inclusion
Dependent on the behaviour of the superior staff member
Dependability, credibility,
"walk the talk"
Lottery win (high-value)
Events which influence the subjective evaluation with regard to probability:
Lottery draw (low probability)
Promotion stop
Idea is rejected
As a manager I must know the individual motivation profile of the member of staff. Otherwise I will wrongly think that I have done something good for the member of staff. I am then disappointed myself that the member of staff is not grateful for my efforts.
Promises, bribes, menace, threats and any undeliverable concessions must be avoided.
This also includes carelessly allowing false expectations or expectations which are too high.

Developed by Ulrich Grannemann

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