Buchbesprechung: Radikal Führen

Buchbesprechung: Radikal Führen
Mit „Mythos Motivation“ hat Reinhard Sprenger einen Meilenstein in der Führungsliteratur gesetzt. Und er legt immer wieder nach. Diesmal ist es eine Gesamtbetrachtung des Themas Führung. Darum der Titel: Er geht an die Wurzel der Führung.

4 dimensions of non-verbal communication

There are many varied answers to the question of which is the most important or central skill in communication (and hence also in leadership). Asking the right questions, the art of formulation, framing, structure and construction of conversations, attitude and view of humanity. 


1. Basic feelings Indication: Conflict in the system (family, career, group …) Goal: X wants to be able to behave more flexibly towards Y, in order to remove the feed from the conflict which is putting such a strain on X himself and the system. Method: There are at least three ways in which we […]