leadership responsibility

  The difference between task, responsibility and ability to make decisions   T Task, objectives What is in fact my job? According to what objective criteria, objective recognition phenomena is my work evaluated? How sure am I that my inner job description in general terms agrees with the external job description? What is really expected […]

situational leadership

Leadership Style area   Leadership means influencing others to achieve objectives. The choice of the most adecuate leadership style to apply depends on The actual situation The individual qualification and state of readiness of the followers (see next table). Which is the adecuate leadership style for the state of readiness?   State of readiness Adecuate […]


  Taken from Jost Meyer   1.    What is status?   The term status as used here was first used by Keith Johnstone in the context of his theatre work. It is a useful tool for the analysis and guidance of communication. In the first instance it characterises a perceivable behaviour by a person with […]

dialogue sequences-survey

Preparation Contact Body language, non-verbal insults? Congruence of body and tone of voice? Hurting the person? Be aware of non-verbal changes and address them: I see that you lean back, so I have the impression that …                Preparation questions · What exactly are the initiators? · Why do I want this dialogue? · What are the […]


Working with fun and success – who doesn’t want that?!   So what’s stopping us? It’s easy to find answers: I have the wrong tasks; I have the right tasks but the wrong means; if I have the means, I am lacking people or information without which I cannot go any further. When I have […]

Sind Fähigkeiten gegeben oder erworben?

Sind Fähigkeiten gegeben oder erworben?
Kleine Ursache – große Wirkungen.
Kleiner Unterschied mit großen Auswirkungen. Die Psychologie-Professorin Dr. Dweck aus Stanford sieht in der individuellen Grundannahme, woher die eigenen Fähigkeiten kommen, den entscheidenden Unterschied in der gesamten Lebenswahrnehmung und Lebensgestaltung.

red and blue guys

Every human being has a picture of the core of his being. This core, however, is not always to be “seen”, or not in its entirety. People play certain roles that make social life easier because of the rules that are linked to the respective roles. We can experience how significant these roles are when […]

Three Ego States

    ¬The Three Ego States ¬Positive and Negative Effects   ¬Challenging the Ego States                                                         The Three Ego States   The Ego States form a model of explanation in the transactional analysis of the human personality. They are structured and defined modes of experience and behaviour. Transactional Analysis makes the assumption that every person […]

Basic and substitutional feelings

1. Basic feelings Taken from Dan Casriel   In psychology we find a lot of theories to define and describe feelings. One of them is the theory of the basic feelings of Dan Casriel. He developed it over the years working as a physician and psychotherapist, and his theory is still applied in the field […]