Personal inner drivers

Every person in our performance oriented society is influenced by inner attitudes, beliefs and behavioral programmes that either help or hinder him. In the minds of modern people there exist five principally hindering attitudes that have an influence on the behavior. These attitudes especially appear in distress and seem to be helpful, while in reality […]

Personal inner drivers – test

Driver Test     Please read the statements below carefully and then answer how much these statements apply to you actually using the evaluation scale:    totally                        = 5 mostly, generally         = 4 a little bit                    = 3 nearly not                   = 2 not at all                    = 1     1.       ( ) When I fulfill a task […]

Schütteres Haar? Ab zum Friseur!

Schütteres Haar? Ab zum Friseur!
Körpersprache und Führung: Glatzköpfe wirken dominanter, größer und stärker. Der Bruce Willis Look ist angesagt. Zumindest sind das die Erkenntnisse nach neuesten Forschungsergebnissen. Eine Glosse.

Vertrauen und Körpersprache

Vertrauen und Körpersprache
Warum vertrauen wir einer Person, einer anderen nicht? Was steckt körpersprachlich dahinter? Woran glauben wir die Vertrauenswürdigkeit eines Menschen erkennen zu können? Prof. DeStean von der Northeastern University ist es mit seinen Studenten gelungen, dieses bislang ungelöste Mysterium zu lüften.

4 dimensions of non-verbal communication

There are many varied answers to the question of which is the most important or central skill in communication (and hence also in leadership). Asking the right questions, the art of formulation, framing, structure and construction of conversations, attitude and view of humanity. 


1. Basic feelings Indication: Conflict in the system (family, career, group …) Goal: X wants to be able to behave more flexibly towards Y, in order to remove the feed from the conflict which is putting such a strain on X himself and the system. Method: There are at least three ways in which we […]