red and blue guys

Every human being has a picture of the core of his being. This core, however, is not always to be “seen”, or not in its entirety. People play certain roles that make social life easier because of the rules that are linked to the respective roles. We can experience how significant these roles are when […]

Basic and substitutional feelings

1. Basic feelings Taken from Dan Casriel   In psychology we find a lot of theories to define and describe feelings. One of them is the theory of the basic feelings of Dan Casriel. He developed it over the years working as a physician and psychotherapist, and his theory is still applied in the field […]

Working Techniques

Personal working techniques     ·         Time planning/time management     ·         Optimisation of day’s schedule     ·         Effectivity and efficiency reserves     ·         Priorities     ·         Leadership techniques         Why does timing have to be planned?     In a year-long study, "stopwatch in hand", a Pittsburgh consultancy […]

iceberg model

 The factual and relationship levels often look like an iceberg: only a small fraction of the conflict, the factual part, is visible. The emotional part often remains below the surface.   However, relationship conflicts cannot be solved only at a factual level and vice versa. If the relationship level is not o. k., effective communication […]

annoyance list

Developed by Ulrich Grannemann   Factual and value conflicts often leave behind injuries on a strong emotional and personal level. "Discount stickers" are applied (see red/blue guys). These are actions or failures which are not forgotten.   If these injuries are not resolved, they poison efforts at new solutions.   Exchanging and working through these […]

agression scales

In the English language the expression „to be aggressive“ has both a positive and a negative meaning. The positive side of aggression or aggressiveness stands for moving forward, approaching and beginning something or someone and pushing it in the right direction. The negative implication of aggression stands for violence, insulting, attacking someone or something. The American […]